2016 Proposal


10 years, 4 months..so many days but who was counting? 😉 All I can say was the proposal, day and following days spreading the news was perfect! All the love and support we received brought my thoughts back to how it all started.

I was born in Baltimore, Maryland, he was born in Cheltenham, England. At the age of 3, we met in Relay, Maryland. At the age of 3, I met my soon to be husband. We started carpooling in 6th grade promising to share secrets on the car ride home. Every day we would fight over who would sit in the front seat.

At the age of 13, we stopped fighting over the front seat and began dating. We were truly best friends who shared everything with each other. We went on to graduate 8th grade, high school, college and Masters by each other’s side. Our love has already navigated several of life’s challenges.

Our greatest memories and times of growth in our relationship are during our travels. We’ve sat in a car for 9 hours only to step out and want to spend more time together. We’ve relaxed on beaches far away, climbed mountains that touched the sky and navigated cities like natives.

We trust each other fully and effortlessly. He’s quite literally my other half. No matter where we are all I really need is him by my side. In October we will be husband and wife.QZVG9243

June 12, 2016



Back at it, Hello 2017!


What do you do when you stumble upon your very own blog? You begin a new post after a 3-year hiatus. My original post explained it very well why I began this blog and why I think I’ve stumbled back to continue it.

There’s no hiding it, I’m obsessed with social media. To be honest with anyone reading this (and myself) it’s partly for sharing out my life experiences (lots of show-and-tell regret going on here) and a greater part for capturing those golden moments in life that I never want to forget. Before bed I find myself scrolling through my OWN feed, reliving every moment. A new obsession of mine is capturing life through video. DOUBLE reliving points right there and a bit less staged.

I can’t tell you where this blog will end up on my to-do list but I’m hoping it stays. If nothing else it will be a capsule of my life every three or so years.