The Bucket List


Everyone thinks about it. Most people start a list. Some people actually attempt items on the list.

What’s the purpose?

For me, it’s to live every moment to the fullest. I’m a planner through and through so if anything on my list is going to get done, I’m going to need a place to plan (however, a trip on the whim is definitely going to be on my list).


1. Fall in love with the perfect guy for me. Marry him.


2. Become a teacher

3. Become a mother

4. Take a picture every day for a year.

  • Picture(s) coming soon

5. Make 1000 entries in a gratitude journal.

6. Hot air balloon ride

7. Explore a National Park – Yellowstone 

IMG_0411 IMG_0419

8. Write Yourself a Letter and Read it in 10 Years

9. Learn to snowboard


10. Whitewater rafting 

  • Picture coming soon

11. Learn to surf

12. Watch 30 documentaries

13. Hot Yoga

  • Picture coming soon

14. Eat chocolate covered bacon


Provided by my lovely boyfriend, he doesn’t

deprive me of the good stuff from the Dutch

Farmer’s Market in Annapolis!

15. Color Run Race


16. ROC Race


17. Take 10 polaroid pictures

18. Hike up 14, 000 feet


19. Go on a cruise


20. Play Rugby


21. Be in a flashmob

22. Ride an elephant

23. Go Whale Watching – scheduled for January 2015

24. Go skydiving

25. Ride a segway


26. Sunrise on the beach


27. Drive-in Movie


28. Visit Niagara Falls

29. Go Paragliding


30. Hold a baby turtle


31. Swim with dolphins

  • Picture coming soon

32. Watch the Ball drop in Times Square

33.Take pictures in a photobooth


34. Release a paper lantern

35. Give a shelter pet a home

36. Celebrate my 50th Anniversary

37. Attend a masquerade

38. Ride a gondola

39. Put a lock on love bridge

40. Ride the London eye

  • Picture lost

41. Visit the hollywood walk of fame

42. Visit 25 of the states

  • Arizona
  • California


  • Maryland
  • Pennsylvania
  • Texas


  • Vermont


  • West Virginia
  • Wyoming
  • New York


  • 43. Paint fight

    44. Camping trip with friends

    • Picture Coming Soon

    45. Cuddle with a lion cub

    46. Throw a dog a birthday party


    47. Paint cornhole boards 


    48. Graduate from University of Maryland, Baltimore County


    49. Go for a bike ride every day for a month

    50. Electric run 


    51. Take a photo in the same spot, every month, for a year.

    52. Start a dog photography business

    53. SUP


    54. Visit a field of Sunflowers

    One word: breathtaking

    mont_ventoux (1 of 1) mont_ventoux (1 of 1)-3 mont_ventoux (5 of 5)

    55. Donate blood

    While I may have almost fainted, I certainly felt like I made a difference.


    56. Ben and Jerry’s Factory

    Such a cool factory tour in the lovely state of Vermont. I love me some Ben and Jerry’s!


    57. Learn to throw pottery

    Challenging to say the least. It was very relaxing once I got the hang of it and very rewarding when our pieces were complete!

    IMG_9555 IMG_1199

    58. Do a pub crawl

    Lots of fun at the Irish Pub Crawl in Federal

    Hill with an absolutely gorgeous day. Day

    drinking is the way to go sometimes, in

    bed by 8pm and waking up fresh as a daisy.


    59. Cook through an entire cookbook

    60. Travel out of the country with friends

    A great experience to have with a good group

    of friends in the lovely Mexico! My favorite part

    was snorkeling with the fishy and dancing on stage

    at a dance club!


    61. Roadtrip with friends

    62. Go snowmobiling

    Thrilling experience. If I lived in a snowy place

    all year round this would be my first purchase

    to get me to and from work like our tour guide!


    63. Visit Yuengling Brewery

    Great, free tour in Pottsville, PA. This was

    for Ian’s 22nd birthday which I tried keeping

    a surprise. Not sure how long he knew but he

    led me to believe it was still a surprise.

    IMG_0140 IMG_0137

    64. Ride on a motorcycle


    65. Go river tubing

    Best graduation party idea EVER! This was

    our first party we planned and organized in

    a different location then just the house.


    66. Go to Italy

    67. Hold a Panda Bear

    68. Golden Retriever Festival in Scotland – occurs in July

    69. See Penguins

    70. See the Puffins in Maine

    71. Visit the Wild Horses on Chincoteague or Assateague Island

    72. Grand Canyon


    73. Fly First Class

    74. Disney World

    • Picture coming soon

    75. Universal Studios 


    76. Harry Potter World


    77. Go to the Airport and choose a random place to travel to

    78. Ride a camel

    79. Visit Stonehenge 


    80. Visit Eiffel Tower 

    • Picture Coming Soon

    81. Shoot a gun


    82. Camp Counselor 


    83. Dance on stage


    21st Birthday Dueling Piano stage at Howl at the Moon- definitely I night worth remembering – at least part of it anyways

    84. Ravens Game


    Nothing beats free tickets. 22 years old and

    this is my first game. Such a difference

    watching the game in the stadium instead

    of on TV.

    85. Picture with Boh


    Opportunity struck during the

    Federal Hill Pub Crawl. I love this


    86. Orioles Game


    Been to several games at this point. Favorite seats are shown above. Our other favorite seats is in the All You Can Eat Section.

    87. Deep Creek

    88. Horseback riding


    Location: Colorado Trails. Nothing like horseback riding on sketchy trails.

    89. Give a heartfelt surprise to someone

    90. Be apart of a TV show audience

    91. Finish an entire coloring book

    92. Finish an entire wordsearch book

    93. Jump in a pool fully clothed

    94. Tour a vineyard

    95. Be in two places at once

    96. Dog sledding in the summer – in the winter


    In the summer the pups do a lot of training and the place has tours to keep up funds. So much fun visiting all the huskies and playing with the puppies!

    97. Visit the Chichen Itza


    Location: Riviera Maya, Mexico – Mayan Ruins were pretty spectacular. I even saw the ballcourt which the movie El Dorado portrays.

    98. Horse Drawn Carriage


    Old Montreal, Canada

    99. See the Herndon Monument Climb


    Absolutely a riveting experience.

    100. Go to Hell, Grand Cayman 

    DSC09114 DSC09109

    Grand Cayman Islands did not disappoint with this stop!

    Pretty erie place.

    101. Visit DC

    Pictures coming soon!

    102. Eat a snow cone with marshmallow


    103. Paint Nite


    104. Ghost Tour

    105. See Glassblowing 


    106. Pick Peaches


    107. Visit Canada


    Picture taken in Montreal Biodome – spectacular place. My father and I are sitting in a penguin egg!

    108. Attend a Naval Academy Commencement 


    109. Earn my Masters degree

    110. Basic self-defense class

    111. Volunteer at the SPCA

    112. Dance lessons (before my wedding)

    113. Cooking class

    114. Ride a jet ski

    • Need a picture, oh well guess I’ll have to do it again 🙂

    115. Rock Climbing Indoor – Outdoor

    • Picture Coming Soon

    116. Go Mountain Biking – (again)

    117. Enter an Eating Contest

    118. Go Zip-lining 


    (note: not me, my friend Amanda but, I went down right after her!)

    119. Catch fireflies in a jar

    120. Brazilian Wax

    121. Experience Spain

    122. Empire State Building


    123. D.C Cherry Blossoms (end of March beginning of April)

    124. Visit the Four Corners (Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Colorado)

    125. Buy a house

    126. Read the Bible cover to cover

    127. Unplug for a week

    128. Have a huge water balloon fight

    129. Create Family Tree

    130. Learn to do basic sewing

    131. Milk a Cow

    132. Deep Sea Fishing 



    133. See mythbusters live


    134. Catch snowflakes with my tongue


    135. Alaskan Cruise

    136. Explore Castle Ruins

    DSC_0135 DSC_0238 DSC_0248 DSC_0427

    137. Attend Freefest

    IMG_7245 IMG_7222 IMG_7204

    Despite the pouring down rain and being

    questioned if I was 21 several times,


    138. Celebrate New Years in London

    IMG_3474 DSC_0007

    Doesn’t get much better than a James Bond Party.

    139. Fireworks on the Beach


    Bethany Beach, Delaware

    140. Throw a dinner party for my family.



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