Stand Up Paddleboarding


In an effort to make my 20s count I made a summer 2014 list a few blog posts back. Over the 4th of July weekend Ian and I completed the item stand up paddleboarding (SUP). For those who don’t know, Ian and I have been dating for 8 years now, that’s a lot of dates. Although we are a very active couple who do lots of different things, SUP is the only activity that Ian and I have experienced for the very first time together. Finally, something that we both started together where neither one of us had the upper hand.

Ian successfully stood up on the board first and I shortly followed. At first we felt a bit unsteady but as our muscles relaxed we were paddling without too much thought. We had a great time paddling around at sunset and it was so very calming even though we were getting a great workout.









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