A Life, Not a Living


“Focus on making a LIFE, rather than making a living.” Instead of worrying about work or rushing to an event, let’s enjoy life. I know taking tons of pictures while out with friends is frowned upon but, I simply won’t stop. If and when my memory fails these photos are a visual reminder that will connect me to places, people and events. I’ll cherish them now, in the moment, as well as 80 years from now.

Here’s my top 5 life experiences so far, in no particular order.

1. Golden Trails with Daisy Pearl.

I’m so proud of this picture and for my camera doing all the work in this instant. With photography it is all about timing and it was all perfect in this shot. The Patapsco Park is our favorite place to be and I know how happy Daisy is when we go running. Find your happy place and make time to visit it.


2. Graduation 

Graduating with the man of my dreams. We’ve been through a lot and college was no easy chapter. I’m glad it is over and sad that we only took one class together, soccer. Even with switching majors and me transferring we graduated on time and together.


3. Spring Break Trip to Vermont

Snowboarding in Killington, Vermont was beyond amazing. By far the greatest early graduation present ever! (Thanks mom and dad) Spending time up in the mountains without a care in the world made it one of my favorite moments.


3. Vacation in England

This three week vacation made me wish I traveled for a living. I do love to travel and I think it keeps the spark of life in me. There’s always something new to explore when you travel and new photos to take. Visiting London again with Ian and attending a James Bond New Years Eve party was indescribable. Every hike was breathtaking and every historical setting was beyond imaginable. Ian’s parents were amazing tour guides and we were so lucky to have spent three weeks there.

IMG_3521       DSC_0218 DSC_0210 IMG_6185

4. Work experience in Colorado

My second major time away from home (the first being summer camp, that will be it’s own blog post one day). I learned so much this summer and ultimately it was the first time living alone. Receiving that first pay check and not wanting to spend it on anything ended after about a week. Here are some shots from various activities that summer.


Paragliding off a cliff.


Capturing this shot of lightening…


Taking down barbwire was by far the worst job considering I stabbed myself multiple times on accident. Shoveling snow on a mountain trail wasn’t so bad though 🙂 Trail work certainly showed me what I’m made of, what I can handle, and what I can’t. I can’t handle bunk mates who snore and I can endure a very sore body and going to the bathroom in the woods.



Visiting a husky training ground during the summer where the pups pull a golf cart!


Go explore. Live life. And…be happy!



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